Four years after the graduation

My Timehop showed me the photos of my undergraduate graduation which happens…. four years ago!!! Unbelievable! I can’t believe I have ever been young and full of dreams. Was it really four years ago? I can’t decide whether it’s been so fast or so slow. Because if you reflect on some time and making several points of your timeline as the base point, it will have different sense of pace, depends on where (or when) you see it. Get it?? Lol. You don’t have to because I know it doesn’t make any sense.

But I will make this point of time to reflect on my graduation, because.. my, I had the best graduation arak-arakan party ever! Big thanks for my juniors who arranged it very well! And as a tradition in every graduation party in my major, we got the messages written by our friends (juniors to seniors) to congratulate us. Our graduation theme was “British” (yeay!) so the design of the message holder is that iconic British post box. Like this 🙂


I read the messages again after four years and I kind of getting sad. I missed my friends so much it almost hurts. I am still in here, doing my jobs, friends are getting masters, phd, jobs in another cities and countries…

No need to be sad.

So I will upload their kind messages here, to make sure that they will stay alive. I didn’t remember that we will have the messages and I was expecting very few messages because I don’t have any charisma or popularity or as inspiring as my friends but the messages I got was more that I expected!

So here they are..

From mafren ma gostip freeeenn ma five++ years college freeeenn :*


From Dea Rahmatia (whose wishes to graduate is granted)


From our angel Caci aka Sasri aka Dyah Dewisasri, the one that is beautiful inside and out. Congratulations on finding your Mr X, Sas!! Pray for mee.


From Gita sagittarius_9174 Desrianti (lol)


From Umek Umeee Umeee


From Latifa Dwiyanti. Thank you for the Pixar wishes :”


From Agastia. Love you tooooo :”3


(Lol Riza, if it’s read with no context…)

The shorty


From Adinata


From Anshor. I never wish to have RBF, so… 😦


From Amel, Evlyn, Rita, Etha. Awww thank youu girls 😀

The ones that make me regretful about not writing much to my seniors and friends..


From Puti puti melati alibaba. The “makasih atas bimbingannya” always make me realize that I never really “membimbing” them 😦


From the imbaest Daniel Widya, good luck to you too!!


Aww kak Atin :’3 Thank you for coming to the graduation (Padahal mah ya karena ada Hasby).


From Danny Wong, who also become my successor in 2 years, my LO in my graduation. Thank youu 😀


Raheeess mafreenn. Sepertinya kita belum pernah jalan-jalan tim admin sampai sekarang :))


From Aribowo (??) Thank youu for the wish!


From the now-arrogant Marchy. Thanks and bhay!


From the kindest Edo :”


Thank you so much Tika yang sudah asik di Inggris bersama Faiz. Jangan lupa cari jodoh ya.. Hmm.. Ga lupa kok, cuma yha ga ada yang mau ajha.


From Gurun, who also had his wish granted 😀


From the prince Adhiguna S. K. yang sudah menjadi kahimku, I am sorry that I am not that good doing my job.. Thank you for letting me join your DE.


From Ichal the super imbalance and genius 4.0


Thank youu Faiz!!


From Okihita. Thanks!!


From Algooooo the cat master.


From Ardian (?) Really surprised that you join the Internal Affairs Division because of me?? I think Ardian is joking 🙂


Hapsyyy the purest one. I’ll invite you to my wedding….of course… If I ever have one..


Thank youu Gilang! I see that you took notes of my observations and some of the programs are still running until now 🙂 Good job!


Liooo. Thank you too!! Loosen up a bit???? Reallyy??? I am the most laid back person I know!!!!


Hasboooyyy thank you for asking me to join your team in that competition!!! I learned a lot from you!!


I don’t think I am a good head of division, but that “Aku sayang kak Nadin” melts my heart, Fani :”


Ebeee, thank you for using your own paper to write the note. And now you’re getting married before me??? Bye!


Auuul! You currently far far away, I hope you can learn French in the Netherlands! Hahaha.

The unidentifiable ones..


Unidentifiable 1. He/she calls me Nadinos. There are several people hmm..


Unidentifiable 2. I can’t read the name.. Akau? Auau? Aliau? Sorry :((


Unidentifiable 3. The signature says SG but I can’t remember anyone….


Unidentifiable 4. He/she is a junior, but I can’t identify the writings..

That’s all!

Every once in a while, I recall many moments in my university life and somehow I want to go back. There were the best times of my life so far.

Thank you for all the memories.




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