Well, it has been two weeks since I started my so-called internship at Kompas Gramedia Bandung as a lame graphic designer. I have added one more task to do every morning: checking Kompas Klasika to see if my design is up or not. Yeah, the arrangement of advertisements depends on central office,and I am responsible of layouts of supplemental article. The example of articles are event reports, culinary things, discounts, and interviews with cool people. Latest interviews are with the student from my campus who won International Debate Championship or something. The other intern–the copywriter, Che–is the one who does the writings.

2014-01-24 23.11.45

Some of my works on Klasika Jabar Kompas. YEAH.

The most interesting part of the job is I can do it from home! As long as it does not cross the deadline, of course. Also, since Che must do her culinary and event reports alone, she asked me to come if she makes reports again (which means free food and entry lololololololol).

The bad part: the campus has started and I am still not finishing my proposal and now I am fangirling over a 37-year-old dude (Benadryl Cabbagepatch. MAN I LOVE HIS SHERLOCK!!). BYEEEEEEE.




Since 4th June is the day I start my internship, this is what I have to do:

  1. Learn XML
  2. Learn XBRL
  3. Knows what’s the difference between semantics and syntax
  4. Prepare for shirt, pants, etc etc
  5. Finish A Storm of Swords
  6. Buy a new drink bottle
  7. Buy a portable modem + SIM card
  8. Search for any mart/ATM nearby office


Two days ago, 24th of May 2012, my friends (Melati aka Bobi and Agas) and I went to Bank Indonesia to arrange matters of our internship. Um, it’s not really internship because we do it for credits, but I don’t know what is the word for “praktik kerja lapangan” or “kerja praktik” in English so I’ll continue with “internship”.

We have sent our CVs and made arrangements with the Departments of Information Systems Management months ago; big thanks to my aunt and her friend Bu Hilzahra. We had enough of waiting e-mails from both HR departments and DISM, ahaha.

So, we have arranged an appointment with Pak Keri from DISM to discuss about our works. We will do a BIG project. A VERY BIG ONE, because it will affect many integrated applications from all the bank in Indonesia. It was all about XML, syntax, semantics, XBRL and many more terms that I have not heard before. The head of the project team, Bu Iris, was very kind. She gave us e-book XBRL for dummies for us to learn.

But it was not the biggest thing that interest us. It was the buildings! See the picture below to see the whole complex of the buildings.

Kompleks Bank Indonesia dari Google Earth, 2009, (via Paul Paais’s blog)

There were so great as if in our dreams. See the whole project of the towers development which held in 1999-2001 here.

And as potterheads, three of us see the building as Ministry of Magic. There was a fountain, a big field (like a Quidditch field), many elevators (like the fireplaces with green flame in Ministry of Magic), and a big and comfortable mosque! Unfortunately, I really forgot to take a picture, beside I was too shy to do that :p

Well, I will write more about the building (ahaha I was to amazed by the architecture) and the internship, maybe.

Post to you later!