30 Day Book Challenge

It was Jodi Picoult’s My Sister Keeper. The ending. I didn’t see it coming. I won’t spoil it. I rarely cry during reading, but this one gave me a single tear.

Well, the story is about a little girl named Anna who live because her sister is dying. She was a perfect organ donor (bone narrow) match for her leukaemia sister, Kate, so she has undergone countless surgeries in order to save Kate.

This drama novel teaches us about parenting, sisterhood, and family. But I hate the mother character anyway. Hahaha. Heart-warming and touching at the same time.




I don’t know what they mean for this day’s challenge. Is it your favorite book? Or is it any books with beautiful titles? Uh, I don’t know.

So I will tell you about a book with beautiful title and one of my favorite.

It is not an ordinary book that I always read: fantasy, fiction, comedy, etc. It is a how-to book. It is called: Frankly Feminine by Eileen McCarthy. I found this book in my high school library. I was with my friends that time, and we were so interested to palm reading articles, ahaha. We never saw the book again until I stepped into an old book store months ago and found this one lying thick economy textbooks and stuffs. I bought it only Rp25.000,00.

The book itself is very rare. It is an old book (published 1965!) but the content is everlasting. It taught you about women’s life, how to dress, how to arrange party, parenting, love, and so many things women should know.

A guide to hair and beauty for any face shape

A guide to decorate room

Various cake recipes

They even have an articles about the differences of cheese!

How to be a better driver! LOL

Probably the most interesting of all: the palm reading

The book is really fun to read (for women). Calling itself “A book of comprehensive information and advice for the woman of today”, the book could be your precious classic collection.


I tend to love spoilers, so I don’t have many surprising plot twist/ending, and I am not planning to spoil it to anyone who read this too.

Jodi Picoult’s books (such as My Sister’s Keeper and Plain Truth) and A Song of Ice and Fire have it. The most surprising was the battle between Mountain and Red Viper, I think. I can’t even catch e breath when I read it!

I know I had wrote about ASOIAF many times before, I just really can’t think about any other.

I am just too lazy to write this day.


One of good things about reading is that you will never close and finish your book without getting your head “empty”. Some books will make you feel exhausted, yet there are always “something”. That is why I can not really write about a book that changed me, because it will be A LOT.

I have written about how The Zahir by Paulo Coelho changed my way of thinking about life. So I will write about another.

via Goodreads

Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps by Allan & Barbara Pease is a great example about a book that have changed my (and many others’) opinion. Mr and Mrs Pease wrote about how different men and women are. They are equals but they are not the same. They have different hormones, different views, different bodies, different brains, and many more.

You can read in this book about how wide women’s sight is while men’s are more far and focused but not as wide as women’s. You can compare the brain of men and women. You can do the test about how masculine or feminine your brain is (and I got a half-masculine and half-feminine brain!).

The book really changed my opinion about how men have perverted mind and such, how women tend to see baby with some weird faces, and many more. I love how the book open my mind about gender differences and how women and men are equal and how women (sometimes) trying too hard to be like men.

I never see men and women relationship the same again the day I finished this book.


Well, I wanted to steal Jaime Lannister’s famous quote:

There are no men like me. There is only me.

but NO. I would not say that I’m special or one of a kind, because I always remember Dash Parr from The Incredibles saying, “Everyone’s special is another way of saying no one is”. Anyone who thinks they are special tend to be arrogant and proud, and I hold this strong principal that The One who should be arrogant and proud is only Him, The Creator of The World.

via Goodreads

However, if you ask me what character that resembles me much from the book, I can not really say much. From movie, there are some. Violet Parr from The Incredibles is a character who look like me, think like me, and act like me. I also have similar way of thinking like Amelie from Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain. But she is from a movie, not book.

The good thing you can learn from book is that you are nothing. You will share some traits from a character, some personality, some way of thinking. And they all are from the authors’ mind.

I had no character in my mind, that is why I was postponed the challenge until I found the one. From a book that I read recently, Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami, I feel that I am more Naoko at the first time. She was an introspective character, like me. But then I’m more drawn to Midori, with her curiosity about new things. The main character, Toru, shared my love of reading. Nagasawa shared my freedom of thinking and carelessness.

What I can say is, no one is really different and no one is really the same in one and other way. If I could quote Tyler Durdent (Fight Club <- on my waiting list!!!):

You’re the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.


I can only thought about Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder. It will widen your perspective. No. It will make your views deeper. More philosophical. Maybe you can understand life more.

The only thing that makes people won’t read this book is its length. It is incredibly thick. My friends amazed with the length when I brought the book to campus. I can make it as my pillow, though. Lol.

But, seriously. If you like to deepen your thoughts, read this one. I recommend it.


A Memoir of A Geisha by Arthur Golden. I have longed to read this book since high school and now I am a junior at university. A story about a girl who is now a geisha because she fall in love with a man, or at least that’s what I remembered. I heard the book was incredible and there are a movie adaptation with the same title. I haven’t watched that either.

The book was so expensive. That was the main reason I always delayed my wish to buy it. It was only Rp45.000,00 but I thought it was so pricey.

I hope I can buy and read this book very very soon.