Music She Listens

This is Aragorn and Arwen Evenstar’s theme.

Sindarin version:
E môr henion i dhu:

Ely siriar, êl síla
Ai! Aníron Undómiel

Tiriel arad ‘ala môr
minnon i dhû-sad oltha
Ai! Aníron Edhelharn.


English translation:
From darkness I understand the night:

dreams flow, a star shines
Ah! I desire Evenstar

Having watched the day grow dark
I go into the night – a place to dream
Ah! I desire Elfstone.

The path to this Enya’s melody was unpredictable and contains more words that I can write right now. I could write until morning, but I don’t want to. Believe me, these new-founds startled me more than anyone.




Have I told you how much I love rainy days?
The way I seldom bring any umbrellas,
the way I always refuse when my friends offers me their umbrella (if it’s only light to medium rain),
the way it gives me chill,
the way “la pluie” is one of my first French word,
the way I listen to this even on these rainy days
should have told you how much I love it more than sunny ones.



it’s just another little sign
that you’re fading and I’m still waiting
and I’m still waiting
and I’m still waiting…

Lagu menghipnotis berjudul Berlin dari The Trees and The Wild di atas saya temukan berkat teknologi shuffle. Setelah melihat musik di ternyata berputar di sekitar situ saja, saya menenggelamkan diri (ceile) di dalam pustaka musik di Phoenix, sang laptop. Berbagai metode pun digunakan, di antaranya:

  1. Menyortir daftar lagu berdasarkan jumlah main. Beberapa lagu memang tidak dapat ditinggalkan begitu saja, karena memang sudah merasuk ke sanubari begitu dalam (naon). Namun ternyata, banyak emas-emas terpendam di dalam lautan lagu-yang-tidak-pernah-dimainkan.
  2. Menggunakan metode acak alias shuffle dalam daftar putar seluruh pustaka. Selama ini, saya hanya memutar lagu yang ada di daftar putar alias playlist. Ternyata hal itu mempersempit wawasan, saudara-saudara!
  3. Membuat daftar putar hanya dari lagu-lagu yang tidak pernah dimainkan.

Beberapa lagu yang menjadi emas-emas terpendam adalah milik The Submarines, Sonic Youth, Psapp, The Hush Sound, dan Sergio Mendes. pun tidak membosankan lagi. Haha. Entah mengapa mood pun terasa lebih baik. Yeahhhhhhhh.



Have I told you how much I love Amelie’s soundtrack? The titles of the instrumental songs were in French, so I used Google Translate to know their meaning. These are the songs in Les Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain soundtrack with their song number.

Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain soundtrack cover (via

01. J’y suis jamais allé (English: I’ve never been there)
02. Les jours tristes (English: The sad days)
03. La valse d’Amélie (English: The Waltz of Amelie)
04. Comptine d’un Autre été: L’après-midi (English: Nursery Rhyme of Another Summer: TheAfternoon)
05. La noyée (English: The drowned)
06. L’autre valse d’Amélie (English: The other waltzes of Amelie)
07. Guilty
08. À quai (English: In harbor (via Google Translate), at the platform (of train station) -via Yahoo Answer)
09. Le moulin (English: The windmill)
10. Pas si simple (English: Not so simple)
11. La valse d’Amélie (Version Orchestre) (English: The Waltz of Amelie, orchestra version)
12. La valse des vieux os (English: The waltz of old bones, The old bones waltz)
13. La dispute (English: The dispute)
14. Si tu n’étais pas là (English: If you weren’t here)
15. Soir de fête (English: Party night)
16. La redécouverte (English: The rediscovered)
17. Sur le fil (English: On the wire)
18. Le banquet (English: The feast)
19. La valse d’Amélie (Version Piano) (English: The Waltz of Amelie, piano version)
20. La valse des monstres (English: The monster’s waltz/The waltz of monsters (Yahoo Answer))
21. L’autre valse d’Amélie (version quatuor à cordes et piano) (English: The other waltz of Amelie, string quartet and piano version)
22. Les Deux Pianos (English: The two pianos)
23. Comptines d’un autre été (la démarche) (English: Rhymes was another (the process)) –I’m not really sure with this one
24. La Maison (English: The house)

Well, I write these so I can learn a bit French haha. See you on next Yann Tiersen’s album!


I have never known Yann Tiersen until I watched Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain in 2009. The movie blew my mind since I shared one or two traits with the main protagonist, Amelie Poulain. It was like I saw myself, except that cute Audrey Tatou’s face.

Its soundtrack is also beautiful, but since I never pay attention to any soundtrack I only thought the music was really suit the French atmosphere that time.

Thanks to and Elian. I remember I was visiting his profile and found that his most played album was Amelie’s soundtrack. I listened to it straightaway.

And I know that I can’t stop playing his music ever since.

Yann Tiersen doesn’t create music. He creates imagination.

He, definitely, is a 40-year-old BAMF (picture from

I mean, he is a minimalist, avant-garde musician and songwriter, play piano, violin (!!!), accordion, guitar, toy piano, voice, and various others you can’t even list it!

I want to write more about him, but I have paper assignment to be done and A Storm of Swords to finished. Maybe later (procrastinators unite!)