What Her Camera Captures

Today I watched Wreck-it Ralph, which very good, at Blitzmegaplex. I usually don’t watch here, because it is far from campus and more exprensive than the other. But since Wreck-it Ralph is defeated by a movie about a s*x-thirsty-newborn-sparkly-vampire (5 of 8 studios are theirs! and none of them is Wreck-it Ralph), we have to watch this here.

I already know that Breaking Dawn is not showing there, but I still laughed at this announcement.

Breaking Dawn is not showing at Blitzmegaplex

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I bet many unstable girls came to Blitz and whining about the absence of BD. Well I’m glad Blitz is being classy!

See you next post, xoxo



Last August 15th, my pretty junior-high-school-friend Fanny Octa Febrina had her thesis defense and got her S.Mn (Bachelor of Management) degree. We (our 3E girls clique) came to SBM and surprised her. These photos taken by Irfandie from my camera.

Congratulations for your A, Fanny 😀

Above: Fellyn, Fanny, Dita/Koji. Below: Arina, Dea, Nadine, Andhari

Then she treated us with random and impulsive dinner. We hope you become a successful financial planner or whatever you want to be.

I can’t go to her graduation day on October 21st, so I haven’t taken any photos with Fanny and her graduation hat. Hahaha. So when I came to her birthday and graduation party on October 23rd, I took these photos.

We hope you become a successful woman, Fanny. Don’t forget to pray for us, too. Next year will be ours, aamiinn!!



Well, it’s kind of random. I caught the glimpse of the banners on my way home Friday night, saw the Oreo page on Saturday morning, asked friends about it and they agreed, and BAM! I was on Oreo Fun Carnival this evening.

Oreo has always been my favorite cookies. It is not really sweet but still really delicious. In Indonesia, Oreo is on their peak of popularity because their commercials featured the cutest kid ever, Afiqa. This carnival is to celebrate their 100th anniversary! Wow, so old.

My friends and I arrived at Gasibu at 4 pm. Here are some photos taken from my cell phone with so-called effects.

The picture above is Oreo Fun Factory (you don’t say! haha) It was like a miniature of oreo factory. The factory itself is just using half of the tent.. A bit disappointing.

One of the features on fun factory. We watched very short movie, maybe it was called “To The Moon” since the waiter there asks us “Wanna go to the moon, ladies?” when we looked at the vehicle.

Since the Oreo Fun Carnival are primarily for kids and family, we can’t get our hopes too high. At first, I thought we can get many food with Oreo on this event. Such as Oreo cheesecake, Oreo cupcake, Oreo ice cream, and many more. Well, they don’t even have that… There were only playground for kids and we have to buy “passport” before we could ride them.

There was also a photo booth only for Rp10.000,00 for a piece of photo. Make sure you are not on the edge of the photo so the frame won’t cover you! Hahahaha.

What a day. I hope when this event held tomorrow, it will be much better.


I went on vacation last Tuesday. It was rather a sudden vacation because we didn’t really plan about it. At first there would be over ten people on this vacation but it ended up with only nine.

Long story short, Marchy was the driver. With his GPS device that always be there everywhere we went on vacation, we crossing Bandung until.. we met the polices. Yeah, we were wrong. The largest capacity of our car is 8 people (including driver) but we had 9 people in out car! Oh well..

This was our today’s lesson.

After about two hours trip, we arrived at Kawah Putih. I had reduced photo quality, in case someone steals them. And finally I had quality time with my Rebel :p

The welcome gate. That big cheek was Marchy’s.

Eight of us (I took the photo)

Kawah Putih was a beautiful site. Although it literally means White Crater, it was not. The water was beautifully blue. Here are some of the photos:

Then we took another trip to Situ Patengan. It was rainy so we couldn’t really enjoy this. Situ Patengan is a big lake with superstitious story as background. There were many boats to rent but it was rainy and already 5 pm so we just took some fun photos.

We tried to jump together.. Although we failed lol. Yeah it was me, Riza, Bobi, Marchy, Biru, Dea, Gharta, Gita, Karin.

Our expenses were:

Kawah Putih entrance fee:  Rp243.000,00 (for 9 people + 1 car)

Situ Patengan entrance fee: Rp66.000,00 (for 9 people + 1 car)

Lunch (noodle) : Rp6.000,00

Gasoline: Rp100.000,00

Parking: Rp6.000,00

Well, that’s all for Ciwidey vacation. Hope we can go for more vacations!


After so much fun of Movie Festival in Temu Akrab Informatika (aka Mukrab HMIF 2011), me and some of my nocturnal friends went to Pasar Malam ITB. It was an event organized by an independent group of ITB students who care so much about UMKM (small and medium entrepreneurship) and it’s like a carnival.

I was really interested about this event because I never go to any night carnival and their posters was very interesting. Here are some of the graphics.

Very interesting, isn’t it? It should increase students’ awareness about the reality in Indonesia. I see that students’ nowadays is way too hedonist and consumptive.

Long story short, I was there around 11 pm. There were a mini Ferris wheel, carousel, mini train, fishing games, cotton candies, and a game use centrifugal/centripetal force (I don’t know what its name lol). You can ride any vehicle with only Rp5.000,00/ride. I was really interested to that centrifugal game but the queue was so long.

So Bobi, Bepe, Okky, and I took the carousel. For the first time I tried to capture photos from my phone while I was on the ride (it was rather challenging hahaha) and I think the results was not bad. Here’s one of them:

Those were Bobi and Bepe. Okky was behind me so I can’t capture him.

I only rode the carousel because I have no more money and I thought it was too late for home. So I went home after watching my other friends riding the centrifugal game.

It was a good night. Thanks for the Pasar Malam committee for holding such a nice event! Maybe I’ll write about Mukrab later.


Yesterday I went to European Higher Education Fair 2011, which was held in Jakarta Convention Center. I have been dreaming about going to Europe since I was a kid, so I won’t waste this opportunity. I know it’s only an education fair, but I was hoping for many scholarships information since the living cost in Europe is extremely expensive.

I really want to go to France, so I visited the CampusFrance stand. Then I knew that CCF has changed its name into Institut Francais Indonesia. I don’t really mind about the programs, as long as it’s about information technology or arts (and I found a very interesting program in Goldsmith University, UK!) or management. But it’s hard to find a full scholarship, although the requirements are not really hard (not with GPA>3.5 etc etc).

I went there with Tifa, Dea, Biru, Marchy, Bobi. We are the dreamers, hopefully our dreams came true in the very near future. Aameen.

The Dreamer(s). Hope we can reach Europe someday in the very near future.

That was what I got from EHEF. We wanted to see the British Council seminar, but all the places already taken. But the fair was very neat and we met some of our friends there. Overall it’s very interesting.

I really hope six of us can make it to Europe. Hopefully with a full scholarship. So yeah, we have to study really hard of course studying the language.